Hi all. I asked our other Mod to post some stuff but it seems like they didn’t….I apologize for any inconveniences and I hope to get more stuff up soon. We still need many more submissions and maybe someone willing to do the links on our tags page (I don’t know how -_-‘) -Balto

A movie about a dragonslayer who meets the last dragon and is taught the error of his ways as they become friends.

Attention all Kin-Movie Followers!

It has come to the mod’s attention that this blog need more to it. So we have decided to also open Mod’s reviews to some of the movies here. For now, we will only review the more obscure movies that have ALREADY BEEN POSTED. Feel free to request some you think would be good. 

The first review from Mod Balto is….

The Plague Dogs! The review should be out by this evening.

Anonymous: "a murder of crows is a documentary about crows! it showcases many different species of corvids, and a hawk!"

Please read the rules before submitting. Documentaries are NOT allowed.

Just so you guys know, Mod Balto has a strong preference for animated “kids” films, so if you want something different please speak up

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Hey folks, the inbox is empty. I think tumblr ate some stuff? Please send in more and volunteer to be mods!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous: "All dogs go to heaven 1 and 2 if it hasn't already been suggested. It's about a dog named charley b barkin who is a bit of a criminal and his story of trying to avoid the dog who killed him. (He snuck out of heaven)"

Yes, these are already posted, thank you

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Anonymous: "Do you still need admins?"


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Anonymous: "When submitting a movie do you want a description of it? Or is the title + any trigger warnings for the movie enough?"

I would prefer a description, in the same format of all the other posts, as I haven’t seen all of these movies.

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A unique comedy movie about a mermaid living amongst humans.

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